Why am I here? Again?

Well, I’ve reached blogging uncertainty. I’ve grown out of my old journal after almost three years, 508 posts, 1028 comments and a bunch of friends, both virtual and real world, who stuck with me. It got me through bad times and good. It got me thrown out of a house. It lost me friends and it gained me friends. It was an experience.

But people move on. I felt myself changing and I needed a new place to change to. To change with.

I set up Blog number two over at after being tempted away by the pretty headers and fun library functions of another service. Appealing to the hoarder and the collector in me. The promoter and (I guess) the show-off-er? Er? I still like it but even after a short time I realised that I was falling back into old patterns. But it has a use: I’m going to keep that blog going for the entertainment side of things. But I wanted somewhere to move to, to write. About me and the things important to me.

I wanted the on-line equivalent of going to the pub with close friends or going out for dinner with a confidante. I wanted talking when I just need to, to friends and family. I want all those pretentious sentiments. Ha ha. Look, I just want somewhere to appeal aesthetically to my sense of nature.

And so, an old friend (the old friend who actually got me into the whole blogging thing in the first place), popped up out of no-where, a long time after I thought he had stopped listening and pointed me in the direction of this here site. And you know what? I like it. Same as I did the first time round.

So, despite knowing full well that it may not last / work / satisfy and eventually something else will undoubtedly come along and distract me with shiny ribbons , it may just for a while occupy me and stop the blogging uncertainty that seems to be preying on me.

Anyone who wants to join in is welcome.