I was alone on the ward today.  The other members of the team were on nights, at an interview, on holiday, in clinic and ‘around but too senior to help’.  I found out this morning after arriving, had a brief run down of the list with my reg and then got on with it.  It turned out to be a good day.

I did a round and completed it by midday.  I got to have a relaxed lunch, came back and completed all the jobs.  I discharged 7 patients.  I spoke to families.  I explained scan results (good and bad).  I calmed a grieving relative.  I sorted out all the bloods and the referrals.  I asked for help a few times but generally didn’t need to (things didn’t really go off and no-one was that sick).  I coped.  I felt I achieved something.

I actually felt like a doctor.

That made me happy.  All told, it’s been fun.  Sure, I didn’t leave on time but I felt good about myself.  Tomorrow it all starts again.

Coming home I cooked and decided to watch Sympathy for Mr Vengeance and that happiness rapidly seeped away.  Ha ha.  Great movie but relentlessly despairing.  The highs and the lows.

Going out for dinner with a friend tomorrow on a ‘date’.  I say ‘date’ as there’s no romantic intention from either side but we were complaining the other day about nether of us having had that experience for a while so I’m buying her flowers, we’re going for dinner and we may even catch a movie after.  Ha ha.  It’s just nice to spend quality time with a good friend.

Time for bed.