Wow. Bad day. Bad mood. Stressed. Mulling. Over stuff.

Articulate – yes I know.

One thing leads to another and another and I snapped at someone today which really pissed me off. I try to maintain grace under pressure (we still believe in love) and it really annoys me when I lose it, even if it’s just being short with someone. You shouldn’t bring your frustrations and annoyance out on someone else. Of course, she really pisses me off and was annoying…Arghh. Enough.

The problem with discharging loads of people is that new people come. And they were sick today (ok, so arguably everyone in hospital is sick (almost) but some are sicker than others and the sick ones take more time, thought and anxiety). Interesting though. Rheumatology really interests me and I liked it as a student. The only draw back is that I rarely have any clue as to what is going on with the patients! Ha ha. It’s a complex subject.

Couldn’t sort out my tax disc but did put my car into the garage to sort out the clutch and managed to make it sound like I knew what I’m talking about,

So for the last 3 weeks it’s been really hard to get into gear and keeps grating. I think the clutch is wearing out but don’t know whether it’s an adjustable clutch (cheaper to repair) or will need replacing…

Prompting him to look at me and say he thought it was adjustable. Ha ha. Thanks dad! it’s better than ‘my car don’t work and makes funny noises (fall to ground weeping).

‘Date’ did not happen due to stress induced grumpiness and then by the time I was sorted out she has left with another woman. Damn! Ha ha. We’re all catching 28 weeks later tonight though which should be awesome. Actually, we’re leaving in 5 mins. Shit…