Such a fun night.  A BBQ that became so much more.  Friends.  Some old, some more recent.  An interest that sparkled but never progressed.  A previous passion who determined to stay away, even for one last time.  Undoubtedly the last time I’ll ever see someone (maybe in fact, two people).  An opportunity to see someone truly for the first time and and opportunity to see someone for the first time, truly.  And of course, a lot of alcohol.

Got a hell of a long way to drive tomorrow.  Got things to do even though today was remarkably productive.  I pleased myself.  Everything is getting on track.


By far this is my favourite song of the moment.  I’m utterly addicted.  It’s just so catchy you can’t help but sing along and the bitter-sweet words just connect.   The Pigeon Detectives.  Tonight has been a night of old ghosts (and when it comes to it, not even the important ones).  I’m feeling damn good.