My car failed the MOT today. Which was annoying. But they fixed it relatively easy and it didn’t fail on major things. Which was good. Then they charged me £171. Which is not so good. At least I don’t have to do it for another year.

Climbing also was rather lame today – it’s only been a few weeks we’ve had off and I seem to have lost all strength and skill. I did however climb two 6A routes which is a step up. No cheating or falling either so it’s not all bad. Plus my arms and indeed whole body are wiped out so I should sleep well.

Which I almost couldn’t do after locking myself out of my room. Got so excited about my car being back that I picked up my car keys instead of house keys. Fool.

And just before I go to bed: you should subscribe to the KEXP podcasts. You really should. They’re a radio station based in Seattle (I think), playing a decent selection of music. Best of all though is there daily free song podcast. Get it and then you can listen to the wonderfully bouncy and fun You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos! They’re a Welsh band and frankly this song is one of the most joyous tunes around right now. Heard it a few times on the radio and then got it for free through the podcast. There’s a lot of other good stuff including tracks by Low, The Shins, Battles, Spoon, Maps, Peter Bjorn and John, Ted Leo etc.

Download. Listen. Be happy!