Forgot to mention – amidst all the fun at the weekend I bought some comics and then spent a while reading them in the sun in the little park behind the Astoria.  When I realised I was going to be late I wandered up to Oxford Street to catch the Tottenham Court Road tube and stumbled upon the annual World Naked Bike Ride.  Yep, every year a load of bike nuts get on their bikes and ride around London (and indeed the world) protesting about cyclist rights and how evil cars are.  Naked.  Yep.  That’s naked.

Now personally I can’t imagine being on a bike naked is the most comfortable experience for males or females but there you go.  Lots of people had body paint (those two with the full body orange paint got cheers) but my favourite was the rickshaw with both driver and passengers all starkers.

And just because you won’t believe me here’s a crap picture from my phone (it just took me about half an hour to work out how to get the bloody thing from phone to internet so enjoy it):


Naked bikes

I love London sometimes!


Plus, I know that it’s been out for a while but All my friends by LCD Soundsystem is great.  Really great.  As is D.A.N.C.E by Justice.  Enjoy the vids and hit the floor.