Not the greatest on call but not the worst either.  Felt long though.  Highlight was the three of us running the length of the hospital for a chest pain call during the middle of the day, dodging patients.  I say running but it was more Bay Watch style running – lots of arm movement.  I think we were actually moving at normal walking speed but it looked like we were running.  And it was an unnecessary call.  And I hurt my knee.

Later a friend surprised me by being more insightful regarding me than anyone has for a while.  For a long while.  Someone ‘got’ me.  And it made me smile.  I’m frankly not used to people listening enough (and then not actually thinking about the implications of what’s been said.  Or what hasn’t).

So tomorrow a group of us are heading up to London to watch We Will Rock You.  I’m not sure what possessed me to say yes to this venture.  I mean, I pretty much grew up on Queen (along with Status Quo, Jean Michelle Jarre, Dark Side of the Moon, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds – thanks Dad; and Dr Hook – thanks Mum) but that kind of died for me a while back.  Aside from every George’s disco I’ve gone to I’ve not listened to Queen for years.  Oh well, my Dad’s seen it and said it was good and I guess it’ll be different to the usual.

So what would I rather be doing in my oh so exciting life?  Well, sadly watching Battlestar Galactica.  After sticking on my brothers dvd of the pilot out of curiosity last year – it was 11pm and I was back home and wanted to watch something – 3 hours later when it finished, I could barely move and was hooked.  I’m halfway through season 2 now and just watched ‘Pegasus’ and I’ve realised quite how much of an emotional attachment I’ve developed.  It’s that point where you start shouting at the screen when things fuck up and it all turns bad and things change that you don’t want and you get upset.  I mean really upset!  When you start talking out loud at the show you know you care.  Annoyingly it’s a 3 parter (didn’t know that to start) and has a big cliffhanger and it’s too late to watch the next two.  Grrrr.  Haven’t felt that strongly about a show since Buffy.  Ha ha.

Such a loser.