Great weekend.

Decided to be a good son and go home home for the weekend. Spent Saturday hanging out with my little brother and we saw 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer which was about as good as I was expecting (a lot better than the first but not the Greatest Movie In The World). The Fantastic Four have always been young and goofy to me and the movie pretty much got that right. Story was silly and overblown, acting ok, effects great and not too long. Could have been much worse and the Silver Surfer spin off could potentially be awesome. Here’s hoping.

Didn’t end up furious with Mum so that’s a positive! Came close when she decided to point out ‘well, you are almost 30…’. WHAT! No. NO. No no no. I’m not. Jesus. She’s still not found anywhere to live yet though.

And then Sunday with my step-family and Dad for Father’s Day. Translated = the whole day either beating up or being beaten up by my two nephews. Ha ha.


Spent a lot of time on the monkey bars and climbing frame (I really fucking want one of those – so much fun). By the evening I was so worn out and battered and bruised that I decided to end it in the traditional manner by thoroughly soaking the two of them with their super-soaker resulting in two sodden kids, a few tears and a victorious Uncle Andy! Ha ha.




Being big is great! (speaking of which I’ve put weight on- in fact I weigh more than I’ve ever weighed before and have finally broken the 10 stone barrier! Ha ha. Never been that much before – go me. Of course, everyone I’ve told wishes they could be only 10 stone and then got moody).


Skip forward 4 hours and I’m quite drunk. Got called by the Sarah and Maddie who are having an ant infestation and needed ‘a man’ to sort it. Guess Mike was unavailable so they called me. Turned up to find S wearing an item of clothes that really gives credence to the word ‘shorts’ and both near hysteria. But unscrewed the side of the bath – site of the infestation, discovered and destroyed the ants nest (not pleasant) and looked heroic! That’s my man quotient filled for a while. Makes up for the lack of any other masculinity.

Then Ulka came round and we’ve hung out and polished off a bottle of rather nice Rioja and some Cognac. And then I realised I’ve run out of alcohol (except for that horrible Welsh whisky Rob bought a while back). We arsed around on Facebook and t’internet, talked about animal costumes and generally had fun. Now I need to go to bed. So I shall.