Feeling a little bit better but I’ve got a dirty cough which is unpleasant.  Today was a bit of a blow out.  Got down to Brighton after lunch and mooched around in the grey rain.  And the guys I was supposed to meet up with to check out the flat never showed.  Turned out (later) that she had lost her phone last night.  So, nothing really achieved but I did buy some music, some comics and a dvd.

There’s a really good, small indie/alternative record store in the North Laines called Resident which pretty much has everything that isn’t part of the mainstream including all the indie from the US and Canada.  Basically my shopping heaven.  Can’t wait till I can go there every week and buy music slightly more eclectic than that at HMV or Virgin.

Picked up the new album by The National:


I really liked Alligator and this is as good on first few listens, maybe better (though there’s nothing quite so exciting as Mr November).  The melancholy, subdued vocals are really enchanting and there’s some great percussion work here.  It’s very peaceful despite all the guitars and wotnot.  The Editors should take note.

I also bought the début album from Amiina:


They provided the string section for Sigur Ros on the last few albums and this is their debut.  It’s all quiet, melodic, wispy, beautifulness with a host of strange instruments.  Really quite lovely and great for unwinding.  Can’t wait to let this one sink in a bit more.  Plus, the cd packaging is great – it’s a thick, gatefold cardboard sleeve (similar to the stuff they make young kids books out of – the ones you can really chew the corners of) which looks and feels divine.  Always nice to see thought going into packaging.

I also bought Tideland by Terry Gilliam which I’ve been meaning to buy for a while, so will let you know what I think of it once I get round to watching it (maybe tonight if I get my arse into gear and actually do some of the things I need to do before morning comes around).

Off to Brighton again to tomorrow to check out another flat (and have a few lined up for next weekend) so fingers crossed.  Chilli on the hob, bubbling away.  I’m off.