Broken Flowers

I finally got around to watching Broken Flowers while home alone and feeling poorly (though slightly better than before). And I’m not sure what to make of it. Seriously.

It suited my current mood and need for quiet. I got a little tired at the camera work and didn’t always like the style or composition. There were a few scenes and characters that really surprised and delighted me (Lolita was dangerously innocent; Chloe Sevigny’s secretary stole the entire movie). Bill Murray is always a joy to watch but when it really came down to it I feel he did a similar thing to much more powerful effect in Lost in Translation. I’m not even entirely sure I liked it but it has left me thinking which I appreciate. Plus it has a great soundtrack. I would recommend it as an experience.

To bed (and hopefully better health tomorrow). Off to Brighton tomorrow to meet up with potential new flatmates.