Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie quite like that. You have to go and see this now, even if just to see how it affects you. This is dark and sinister and bizarre. It’s frightening and it’s uncomfortable. It’s brave and challenging and deeply disturbing. Yet it’s also perfectly innocent and that’s what really got me. You can really tell it’s a Terry Gilliam film. No one else quite like him. This man should be allowed to make whatever he wants.

The story is extremely dark but it’s told through the eyes of a child and that’s how you have to see it (as Mr Gilliam himself explains in the intro – and after watching it I really understand why he did that). Visually it’s stunning, with wonderful fantasy elements, use of colour and some exquisite cinematography. But the performance of Jodelle Ferland as the young Jeliza-Rose whose world we are drawn into is phenomenal. Right from the beginning it’s captivating. She is so wonderfully accomplished that she carries almost the entire film. If this had been portrayed by some one with less skill the film would have been on very dodgy ground but she absolute convinces.

It reminds me of Pan’s Labyrinth (another truly wonderful film about the horror of life seen by a child) and is every bit as exciting, dangerous and disturbing. Also, every bit wonderful, fantastical and tragic.

I genuinely felt very uncomfortable throughout bits of this and it did challenge me but by the end I was completely overcome and realised I had tears in my eyes. A very powerful movie. I really want to watch it again with a few friends who would really get it. Watch it.