Eating ice cream.  Tired.  Been a long day but actually not as bad as I thought it would be at work.  Sick people behaved themselves for me.  Which is nice.  Still have a massive presentation to prepare (i.e. do) for Thursday, so that will be done tomorrow night then.  Excellent.

Went down to Brighton, discovering a new and quicker way to drive into the centre and park.  That only took me 6 years then.

Saw two flats and their occupants and both were really nice.  In completely different ways.  Hmmm.  The people also seemed really nice.  It must be really hard to assess what people are like in a short half hour meeting.  I mean, I was tired and feeling unwell (illness + cough + steep hill = wheezy and SOB Andy) and frankly a little shy at the first house.  I wasn’t quite know how to act and be, so I was a subdued version of myself I think.  Loosened up at the second after realising this.

Flat hunting and meeting new potential flatmates / friends is kind of like speed dating.  Small, short interactions with people, trying to put yourself across as someone desirable to live with despite not knowing how they think or what they are looking for, all with the possibility of spending the next year of your life with them.  It’s a risk.  I suggested the top three potential should be made to endure a competition against each other in a series of small challenges.  That would sort them out (and probably be quite fun).  If I had both flats offered to me I’m not entirely sure which I would accept.  One will let me know tomorrow so we shall see.

(I’m also conscious of the fact that potential new flatmates could be reading this after following the link on my MySpace page so I’m not saying too much on purpose.  Ha ha).

Realised I’m also on holiday for all of next week to better organise something for that too.  And Ulka asked me to sort out the music for her party on Thursday.  Now as happy as it makes me to be specifically asked I’m not sure I will because though I like my music and so does she, everyone else here gets really arsey and complains about ‘my taste in music’.  I mean it’s not like I play Mogwai and Low at the party – I have dancing, fun music with an indie bent.  I just don’t have the Pussycat Dolls or Girls Aloud.  So I don’t want to have the grief (which has already started from a couple of people) as it will piss me off and I’ll sulk.  Ha ha.  No I won’t but I’d just rather avoid the hassle.