It’s been a busy week all told.

I managed to find a flat.  Actually I found two.  One yesterday which was an ok flat with people who seemed really friendly and nice.  But the place was small and after going back today with a tape measure I realised too small.  So driving home I got increasingly concerned about what to do (as I’d said yes to them).  But then a new opportunity presented itself and now I have a new flat with a bigger room and an enormous house and living area with people (who on initial presentation) appear to be awesome.  Which is nice.  Feel an arse for letting down the first guys but then it’s a year of my life that I need to be happy with.  I’m often told I don’t think about myself first enough.

So in a few weeks time I will be living with two final year art students in Kemp Town, Brighton, about 10 mins from the hospital.  Now I’m all excited.  Even better this means I should be able to go on holiday this week.  Got to ring the landlord and letting agent tomorrow to get confirmations and will know more then.

Back to the Lake District for more walking and climbing (if the weather holds as it’s been really shitty here recently – floods).  I think I’m going to try and go up to Scotland and climb Ben Nevis too as we’re doing Three Peaks in 3 weeks and it would be a good idea for one of us to have attempted it beforehand.  Looking forward to (firstly)not being at work for a week but also to being outside and getting some fresh air and exercise.

What else?  Ulka had an amazingly fun party Thursday and I got very drunk on Pimms.  And yet again no one could tell.  That I was drunk – it’s always been that way – I must hide it really well (Abi once told me I often come across as drunk normally so it can be difficult to tell sometimes.  Ha ha.  Weird, she didn’t mean I sway and slur my words, but I’m often excitable and bouncy which is apparently what I’m like drunk).  Last to leave.  Felt rough the next day and then that night cooked for Ulka (a really nice red-onion gratin – starting to get really good at it) before we watched the first series of Peep Show.  Good night.