Holiday going well. 

The weather could best be described as ‘Traditional British’.  That equates to almost constant wetness in one form or other at varying intensity and annoyance.  It’s also very grey.  Still, hasn’t stopped us from getting out and about.  That’s what waterproof clothing is made for.  The freash air hasn’t seemed to help my cough at all though (I’m certain I have TB!  ha ha).

Spent the first 2 days walking with Rebecca (one of the the doctors at Redhill who happened to be up here), currently taking a day off to try and organise bloody GMC registration so I can continue to work next year.  Trying to find a fax maxchine is surprisingly difficult here.  Giving my legs a rest today too so probably going to the Wordsworth Museum and then mooch around some villages.

The hostel is nice and beautifully situated right on the edge of Lake Windermere (as in 6m from the edge).  Got some really beautiful sunsets the other night when the rain eased off – shall post them when I get back.  Spent yesterday evening talking to an interesting guy from Bristol which was cool.  Also spent the last 3 nights semi-infatuated with a really cute young teacher running one of the school groups.  Ha ha.  Very me.  We got to chat briefly the other night but no other opportunities sadly.  Schoolboy crush on a teacher.  Jesus!  She left this morning.

Anyway, later.