A new day, a new place and new people.  And it’s gone well. 

Well, aside from them not knowing where I was supposed to be all day.  I got rung up at the last moment and told I was supposed to be here in Brighton for the general induction and not in Hove for the psyche induction but I’d anticipated that so was already here.  Then I found out I was supposed to be in Hove as the whole day is geared up to cover all the basic job stuff I need to perform my duties.  But I was also supposed to be here to do all the admin.  No-one was quite sure what was supposed to happen and the direct quote from the educational supervisor was, ‘we’ll have to cobble something together’.  That just fills me with hope!

So, yeah.  So good, so dull.  Health and safety, diversity, occupational health, lots and lots of forms.  The usual.

There are a lot of old George’s people here which is strange.  Some I haven’t seen in a while.  Got talking to a bunch of nice people and there seem to be a decent mix.  We’re all going out for a social tomorrow night but I met some guys and girls who turned out to be a friend of someone I knew at Uni and I’ve spent most of the evening and night with them.  One of the guys has a boat in the marina so the night culminated in a speed up and down the seafront, round the pier and then a bit of wakeboarding (not me but I’m very keen for next time).  I haven’t got the words to describe how beautiful Brighton looked from sea as the sun went down and the light gradually disappeared.  All the colour and the lights, shimmering on the water and the almost flat sea turning that vivid, unreal slate blue as the natural light faded.  A perfect and unexpected end to the day.  It’s certainly different to the pond we had at Redhill (though that did have greater crested newts).

I am off to Hove tomorrow for a second day of induction stuff for psych so will see how that goes.  No parking anywhere, may seriously have to sell my car.  My room is still buried under 3 feet of possessions and clothes in random piles.  And we don’t have an iron so I have to wear a jumper to hide the creases.  Oooh – no ties!  We don’t have to wear ties as they’re an infection risk.  That’s a whole new level of awesomeness (ok, so I’m easily pleased).  And I haven’t even begun to marvel about the canteen overlooking the sea!

Got to sleep