On inspection of the email/internet usage policy I am allowed to use the internet for personal use on ‘designated break times’ so that’s better.  There is also a clause about not commenting on the Trust, work or your collegues on ‘blogs or podcasts’.  Hmmm.  Trust and collegues fair enough but work?  I think it’s ok to talk about work in a vague way as your thoughts realting to the general aspects of your work and how you feel about it are your own to share.  As long as you respect and in no way break patient confidentiality (and lets face it – if you do then you should be disciplined and labelled as a complete idiot) then I can’t see why it should be a problem.  However, as someone who’s had a mishap with blog related mistakes (somewhat of an understatement though with hindsight, accurate) I’m going to be careful.  I don’t want to get struck off!

To be fair, I don’t really talk about work much anyway.


So despite exhaustion bordering on coma I went out with my flatmates last night and we drove into the country to a place where you could not only see the dark night sky but also stars.  And more stars than I’ve seen for a while. It was beautiful. Made even more so by the annual Perseid meteor shower. Yep – lots of shooting stars.

The hill on Ditchling Beacon was wonderful (I’m going to have to go there in the daylight) and it found the 4 of us lying on the bonnet of the car looking up into a deep blackness with a sorounding rim of clouds.  It truly was stunning – the Milky Way was really visible and we made out quite a few satellites whizzing around (something I don’t often notice).  Just lying there watching the night sky was remarkably peaceful though when we stood up from the car after lying bent backwards for half an hour my back was in agony. 

I think I’ve found the place to go when I want to escape for a while. I’m just hopping it’s not a dogging site!