My three day hang-over last week pretty much did me in.  I think I reached a cumulative level of drunkenness come Saturday.  Thursday night was really fun but messy, Saturday night was unexpectedly heavy and all the better for it (good friends) and then Saturday night I met up with an old friend from school.

We realised we hadn’t seen each other for 10 years!  A decade.  Fuck me.  Scary.  He’s been married for 6 years and has a kid.  Actually, Phil and I used to be good mates so it was really good to see him again.  Life seems to be treating us both rather well and it’s strange how some things work out for the better.  Spent a lot of time reminiscing about our school days and remembering all this random shit I’d forgotten.  Incidents, fights, entire years. 

Bizarrely I remembered that for a while my school persona – I was know exclusively as Maus from soon after starting right through to my penultimate year, to the extent that even teachers called me it and some newer guys didn’t know what my real name was – developed into a little gang with a logo and badges, plus a rival gang.  Weird!  No-one can still quite remember why I was called Maus (two guys called Jamie and Dan started it and a while back they thought it was because I was really small and had a ‘furry face’.  Maybe that’s a hark back to early beard pretensions..?).

Anyway, we mainly came to the conclusion that school days were pretty damn good for most of the time, few worries, much amusement etc.  We did realise what little shits we all were collectively though and some rather shameful behaviour on reflection.  Locking our young female teacher in the stationary cupboard then pelting her with rubbish when we let her out, rampant bullying and homophobia that we were all part of, either actively or passively.  If only we knew then…

Still, it was a fun night to see him and nice to know that he’s done alright for himself.  There’s a few other guys and girls I’d like to catch up with one day but we shall have to see.

Got to go.  Trying to sort out this whole mess of two separate email and computer accounts between the two sites meaning I don’t get any of the emails about work/teaching/deadlines/social events.  You know, the important stuff.