So on Tuesday night I saw Battles at the Concorde 2.  And they were AWESOME (excuse the shouting).  Seriously, they were storming.  Considering their style of music they were so tight and so electrifying I have no idea how they held it together that well.  The whole thing from start to finish was intense and relentless and their drummer seriously deserves an arms of steel award because he must be a machine.  Atlas was great but I really liked Ddiamond.  They played most of Mirrored with some of the EP stuff.  Nice work.  Supported by Math Class who seemed interesting but we only caught the last 3 tracks.  After getting upset at not blagging myself a ticket anywhere my mate managed to get a ticket off a tout for a bargain so I ran down and was subsequently very happy.

Then last night I got to see the Bourse Ultimatum and it was every bit as good as I wanted to it to be.  One of the most entertaining and thrilling films I’ve seen in a long while.  The tension at times, in fact, the whole way through was, well, intense (English not working too well today).  Really gripping and a real connection to the character.  Matt Damon again demonstrates why he’s a great actor.  Add that to Harry Potter and Transformers and we’re having a late resurgence of the mostly crap summer season.  Now on the distant horizon I’m left waiting for Iron Man, The Dark Knight and Hulk (along with a few others that aren’t based on comics).  Oh yeah, Northern Lights (don’t care what you say – it’s called Northern Lights, not the Golden Compass).

Anyway, got to go.  Enjoying Brighton!