Ha.  Awesome weekend.

Saw Peter, Bjorn & John on Saturday night and despite some last minute friend-dropping-outage I managed to find an old frined from Uni who was around and willing and we went along.  Annoyingly missed the first 20 mins as they came on ridiculously early but no matter as they were amazing.  So much energy and they looked like they were having so much fun up there (at different points both of the front men fell over during big rocking performances as they were so excited!).  Ha ha.  Plus, they really did something new with all the tracks which made it a little more special.  They really rocked it.  Mucho happy.  Lots of random people I know also turned out to be there so some drinks after went down well.

Then Sunday night!  Bizarre.  I went out with two of the girls I’ve got to know, first for food and then back to the Concorde for a club night.  All we knew was that it was ‘Rock & Roll’.  So it turned out to be a northern-soul/roackabilly night where most people in there were a good decade older than us (and one couple were in their sixties at least), fulled dressed up to the nines – guys in full suits and hates, girls in early sixties garb.  It was amazing!  We danced like crazy people till 4 at which point I had to stop moving (couldn’t last through to 6am) and then spent a while laying at the waters edge watching the moon on the water.  Very nice.  I love being back in Brighton.

Slept most of yesterday.  Ha ha.  And now to work.