For some reason in the last few days the number of people checking my blog has almost doubled.  At the same time there are a hell of a lot of ‘naked’ searches apparently leading them here.  Marvellous.

Been on call all week which was pretty good for most of it until Friday afternoon when it all fell down.  On call this weekend as well (and nights next weekend) and it’s a change from medical on calls.  I’m doing psychiatry at the moment and the on calls are not resident (i.e. you only need to be there when you get called, unlike medical where you have to be there constantly and do a round – and to be fair, you get called all day too).  Still, didn’t manage to get my lunch till almost 4pm as it’s been a busy morning.  Interesting though and had to call the consultant in at one point.  And they arrived in 15mins which was pretty amazing!


Been a tough week.  It’s a week like this that makes me wish I had the ‘Friends’ feature of LJ again so I can get a bit more privacy.  I mean I can password it but that seems too severe.  So, I just shant.

Still despite family issues (really bad ones) and money issues (again, bad ones) I then had ‘run in with the poilce’ problems.  Not amused.

Went to a training day on Thursday in Haywards Heath and parked my car in a cul-de-sac opposite the hospital.  Legally parked within the markings I might add.  At the end of the day I came out to wonder where my car was.  After 5 mins of slightly paranoid ‘I’m sure I parked it here…’ moments I realised my car was not indeed still there.  So, a local neighbour got me the number of the local police station and I rang them.

‘Oh yes sir, there was an incident there this morning…’  …long pause… ok, so are you going to tell me what it was?  ‘Well it appears that after you had parked someone came and parked opposite you and blocked off the road so when someone came and couldn’t get out they called the police.  After we assessed the situation we towed away both cars.’  Ok…so I was legally parked and the person opposite me wasn’t..?  ‘That’s correct sir’.  Right, so, erm, why did you tow both cars?  ‘Well, the road was blocked sir.  I appreciate it wasn’t your fault but when you park you have to consider what would happen if someone were to park opposite you’.  Even if I’m parked legally?  ‘Yes sir’.  Seriously?  ‘Yes sir’.  Anyway, to get your car back you need to go here…and unfortunately there will be a substantial fee…’ 

So, a taxi ride and £153 later I managed to get my car back (actually the woman only charged me £105 as she took pity on me but that’s not the point).  All because I parked LEGALLY!  Fuck!

How in any way, shape or form is that fair?  Why tow my car away as well?  The money is bad enough, let alone the inconveniance but it’s more the moral aspects.  I wasn’t breaking the law.  Only just managed to get there before they closed as well otherwise I’d have been stuck there.  So, now I’ve got to try and claim compensation from the police…


The only good thing this week (alongside the continual joy I’m getting from living in Brighton)?  Well, like I said before: I miss the ‘friend function’.  There’s a clue somewhere in here.  🙂