A few weeks back I got asked to be on an exam committee at the local medical school to be their ‘cardiology opinion’.  Let the hilarity of that sink in for a while. 

My Reg asked me to (I don’t think any of them wanted to do it) and I’m interested in medical education so I thought it would be fun.  Plus I got to look round the new med school which wasn’t there during the time I spent on that campus.

It was interesting, seeing how exams are set from the other side of the paper.  Writing a good exam question is a lot harder than I ever considered.  Checking every question to make sure it doesn’t give away an answer to a later question, specific wording, ambiguity and possible interpretation of possible answers.  Thankfully, my ‘cardiology expertise’ wasn’t called upon too much and I got them to email me the questions through.  Amusingly there was one question that 2 of my seniors couldn’t answer.

Tomorrow I’m going along for the ‘Standard Setting’ session where we discuss how hard the questions are and work out the pass mark.  Should be enlightening.


Being a compulsive second hand (and occasionally, new) book buyer, the stacks on my floor just appears to be growing and the rate at which I’m reading currently has slowed right down.  There are a few books that have sat on that pile for over 4 years.   I’m going back to SF in a few weeks and the books I bought last time I was there (Everything is Illuminated, A million little pieces – from City Lights obviously) are still buried in the pile.

Anyway, I finally got round to reading We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver.  It’s the first book in a long while that really hit me.  I found it pretty slow to start and difficult to read as I really disliked the characters.  However, I got completely sucked in and finished the final half in a breathless and eye-straining sitting.  It’s devastating and genuinely disturbing at times and it nigh on reduced me to tears.  It’s an extremely powerful meditation on the way having kids changes your life.  Kevin is also the most horrific and realised fictional character I’ve encountered in a novel (probably since the pre-Hannibal rising, Dr Lecter).  Truly terrifying.  I would recommend everyone read this book.


An interesting article in Wired about the concept of Free Economy

Trent Reznor/NIN giving away free songs and a new concept album.

K and I had out 6 month anniversary yesterday.  Time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.