Had a really fun night.  Amalgamation of friends.  Engine Rooms.  Saw the Gloria Cycles and they were really good.  Better than most of the bands I’ve been buying music from this year (it’s been a slow music year currently aside from the MGMT album, especially after the brilliance of last year).

Gloria Cycles

Saw them about a  month ago in a local pub but frankly was too drunk to pick up on anything other than they sounded pretty good.  This time, before drunkenness kicked in, they actually were good.  Great in-fact.  Reminding me of many an indie band with sing-along choruses, catchy tunes and energy.  My mate Antony interviewed them recently after chatting to them after the last gig and they sound like pretty nice people.  I’ve had brief chats with them at the last two gigs and they seem nice and open to everyone.  Plus the lead singer looks remarkably like a friend of mine – we got a picture of them together tonight.

In the current music climate they could go very far.  I’m certainly putting my money on them.  Hopefully get to see them next time round again.

They put on a night with support from Transformer who were pretty fun and right for the night plus a table tenns competition and free bangers and mash!  Classy.

If I get my arse into gear I’ll get my ticket for the Great Escape festival in Brighton tomorrow.  Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep…