So yeah, a while has been and gone.  I want to write more frequently than I do.  You know how time is.

K and I went on holiday last month – spent a week and a half in Las Vegas and San Fransisco.  It felt strange to be back in LV again but stranger perhaps to see Phil there again since last time I was there he declared never to set foot in the town again.  Which makes it even nicer that him and Kristin came up to say hi on our first day.  Brief but lovely.

I think that if you take LV for what it is then you can have a great time.  Set your sights low and you’ll be surprised.  Aside from just wandering around casinos and hotels (we stayed here for some cheesy fun):

Circus Cicus

we saw a few shows (Cirque du Solei: Mystere and Ka), watched brides on skateboards:


saw the Bellagio fountains dance along to Frank, got addicted to slot machines (ok, so that was more K than me):


Plus I bought a hat.


We moved onto SF (the flight is really quite stunning – some beautiful scenery en route)


…a city which I adore and can almost find work my way around without a map.  Unfortunately, K got sick and we had to see a doctor.  A 10 min consultation with a man in a black Nike sweat suit and white Nike trainers plus a prescription for Abx cost $200.  Holy fuck!  Still, new experience and we still had a good time.




A detour back through to LV to avoid an early flight plus a bit of luck meant we got a free upgrade to a much nicer suite for our last night at:


We had a hot tub in our room!  Add in room service and breakfast in bed and it pretty much beats the hostel option.  I’ve not given up on them completely though.

So, yeah…really nice holiday that seemed to last forever (in a good way), good weather and great company.