I would probably write here more often were it not for crappy internet access.  Anyway.

K and I had a nice holiday in Sardinia last week (hot, mostly great food and even a few rare days on a beach – I know!  I even have a vague tan).  Still, going immediately back to a week of renal nights takes the fun away slightly.  As such I also can’t see the Incredible Hulk till next week.  I wasn’t that keen to start with (ans still remain one of the 10 people in the world who actually really like Ang Lee’s Hulk).  Still, iron Man was awesome and I’m so excited about the concept of an Avenger’s movie that I’ve bought into it.  I’m just a big sucker for continuity.

I was also looking forward to The Happening (being a big fan of M. Night) but the reviews have been so terrible I’m not sure whether I can make time for it.  Both Iron Man and Hulk came out while on nights and if that happens with Dark Knight (my most anticipated movie this year – closely followed by Wall-E) I’m going to be narked.  Wait a minute…FUCK FUCK FUCK – I am on nights.  Damn it all to hell.

Sulking now.

More another time.