Well that news upset me.  The man was a legend and personally responsible for the majority of those movies in my younger years which made me fall in love with the magic of film.  Aliens, Predator, Terminator, The Relic plus countless others.  RIP.

In other news I’m still on nights and things are still calm and civilised (that’s become a mantra now to stave off the ‘q’ word).  Which is good and boring.  Still, next week I’m off to Chamonix for a Wilderness and Expedition medicine course.  Should be a good laugh and useful too.  They refused to give me study leave for it annoyingly but I’ve got annual leave left so that’s what I’m doing.

A few weeks back during Brighton Festival I bought a painting after going to one of the artist open houses.  I had originally planned to spend a whole day visiting them but it never happened.  Then one day walking back to mine we saw a sign for an open house in the tower block near us.  I wanted to check out the view so we went up mainly for that reason…and fell in love with a picture.  Which I stupidly bought.  Stupid because I’m leaving the country for a few years in 3 months and can’t take it with me, plus I’m trying to save money.  Still, that’s the joy of art – you see it you like it and I’m lucky enough since working to be able to afford it (within reason – I did manage to haggle her down a fair bit).  Check it out here: Moon Light Rain