Woke up early today and on my way down to the shop to buy eggs for a more lavish breakfast I walked past 3 girls having a full blown barney completely in sign language.  Violently expressive & emotional with a fluid velocity, yet silent.  That’s a new experience for me.

If you want to join in:

We also now have a secret cat for the week as a friend of Ian (my flatmate) is off on holiday and needs a sitter.  Secret because we’re not supposed to have pets.  It’s a cute ginger cat who spent all the time I saw here wandering around quietly perplexed, investigating the strangeness and generally looking at her mummy for guidance on why she was being hoisted onto strangers.  She did seem to warm to me but was doing this strange thing were her tail stood straight up and rapidly shivered.  I guess it’s a manifestation of fear and the unknown.  Any cat psychologists out there please help me out.