New Mogwai song released from their forthcoming album The Hawk is Howling.  It’s called The sun smells too loud.  Not sure how I feel about it on first listen – it’s quite upbeat, almost pop-like which doesn’t remind me of the new tracks I saw at Queen Elizabeth Hall a month or so ago.  Very much looking forward to the new album though.  Mr Beast gradually did sink in but I’m still not a huge fan.

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I met Stuart Braithwaite at the above gig when he sat in front of me at the mixing desk during the Remember Remember set (which was truly stunning by the way – keep an eye out).  Stuart looked puzzled but did sign my book and drew a smiley face when I asked him.  The whole thing made me stupidly happy!  A hero of mine and all I can do is look stupid and ask for an autograph…What is the best way to deal with your heros?  Never meet them?

Check out the (legal) mp3 here