I got sent home from work ill yesterday.  I felt faint when I woke in the morning and it was still there when I got to work.  Still, I’ve never had a sick day so didn’t want to break the track record and decided to tough it out.  Until my Reg saw me and demanded I sit down so that a nurse could check my blood sugar and BP and it turned out I had a BP of 87/53.  That surprised even me and explained why I was pale and sweaty with a swimming head.

They wouldn’t let me leave until I’d drunk 2 pints of water and my BP had come up enough for me to get home without passing out.  Spent the rest of the day in bed sleeping and drinking lots of water.

It’s odd though because I’m not sick and I have nothing seemingly wrong with me.  I’m just tired and washed out.  I think I’m just dehydrated after being run down at work.  That’s pretty fucked up.

Anyway, slept and relaxed and rehydrated today and will go back tomorrow.  I think I needed some rest.