My mum was admitted to hospital 2 mornings ago.  She passed out while going to the toilet in the night.  Broke her nose when she fell, blood everywhere apparently.  Got a call from my brother in the morning and couldn’t tell whether he was shocked or just half asleep.

Anyway, she got discharged from the hospital later the same day and they’re going to refer her for a 24hr tape as they think it was some cardiac arrhythmia causing the syncope.  Or in my mum’s words ‘there was a bit on my ECG that wasn’t right’.  She recently stopped taking some of her anti-arrhythmics without consulting anyone and I got mad at her so she saw her GP and they were in the process of lowering the dose.  Probably not a good idea and I told her she needed to get referred back to her cardiologist.

It’s why I don’t discuss medical issues with her – she won’t listen so I don’t want to hear about it.  Otherwise I just get stressed knowing she’s not doing what I recommend.

So that day I didn’t get much sleep, being called every few hours during the day while supposed to be asleep.  Been pretty tired this set of nights.


From tomorrow I have no more work for 3 months.  Well, no conventional work.  I’ve been screwed around by medical staffing regarding locum work – I have one date but the 3 week medical locum has fallen through.  They are trying to offer me a short stint in urology which I don’t really want to do.  If they pay me locum rates though I can’t really turn it down as I need the money. 

I’m off to Bangor in Wales this weekend for the second data collection weekend for the expedition.  Going to be sorting out the medical kits with the other 2 in preparation for the field.  Should be fun.

Tomorrow night is the final mess party with volleyball and a BBQ down on the beach.  I can’t really be bothered but wouldn’t mind saying hi/bye to a few people.