Been a while.  Suffering from no home internet (story of the year).  Anyway, my 5 week Urology locum has come to an end.  Not my prefered job but the team were nice, it wasn’t too busy and it did the business (i.e. I got paid a lot).  Now I’ve moved back home and have slightly less than a week before I leave for Kathmandu.

I’ve spent the last week living alone in an empty house in Brighton living each day under the threat of having to move out when the landlord got new tenents (he’s been great actually – nice guy and he let me squat there for the last week after our tenecy ran out).  The week before we solved the problem of getting rid of all our furniture at last minute by opening our front door, sticking some of it out on the street to entice people and putting up a sign “Help yourself”.  Considering we live on a side street it only took an hour to clear out the entire house.  An hour!  Within 15 mins a little old lady from opposite wandered over and by 30 mins 2 guys had turned up with a van.  Sofas, charis, tables, beds, curtains, lamps, crockery and cutlery, food from our cupboards, random junk lying around.  All gone.  Plus we meet all our neighbours and it turns out they’re nice people.  Shame then that we’ve left.

Living alone for that week did drive me somewhat crazy but it went quick and my last night was spent with some good friends of mine.  Strange to think I won’t see then again for a few years (and by that point they might have moved back to Australia).  Got quickly drunk on one Saki cocktail (to be fair I hadn’t eaten anything by that point), then more drunk on a bottle of wine.  Then decided running the 2 miles home from Hove to Brighton alonwould be a good idea.  And it almost was – if I weren’t aching quite so much.