Gaargh.  Wrote a post earlier this week only for the computer to die at the posting stage.  Alas.

I leave the country for potentially a long time in 2 days.  I should really go and sort out all my stuff.  I am still alive though and quietly excited by the coming month and a bit.  Then I’m going to be increasingly excited at seeing K again.  This expedition has almost crippled me financially but it’s going to be an experience.  I should probably try and learn some altitude medicine before I go too.  Rather nervous about being the medical officer for my group.  Oh well.  Optimism is a great healer.

So I won’t blog at all while I’m out there but we should have the expedition blog running and updated as we go (if all the satelite communications work).  I did buy a new camera the other day too so I’ll bombard the net with all my photos (oh look – another mountain) when I get back.

I’ve also introduced my Mum and Dad to my blog so they can keep up to date with my life while I’m living on the other side of the world.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop swearing though.  Ha.  And yes you are able to leave me comments on posts (Mum).

And hello and goodbye to P&K again – just when you move over here closer to the grand ole UK I up sticks and move to NZ.  Sorry I didn’t get a chance to come over and say hi.  I’ll catch you up personally once I’m back.