To all the people that read this and would like to know: I am still alive.

I did not die in the plane crash in Nepal – that was an entirely different part of Nepal – I mean, if you’re going to care you could at least know where I’m going… 😉 I did not die up the mountain (though it felt like I had), I did not die from the fever and bowel upset (ditto), and currently i have not been run down by maniac drivers.  I am also in possession of all fingers, toes and other appendages.  Nothing has dropped off.  Yet.

So yes, the expedition was amazing, I climbed a 6038m peak (if being carried up and crying all the way counts), I got cold, I got sunburnt, I got woken up by sick people, I only lost a little bit of weight and I only got one leach!  More on all exploits will come in future weeks with photos but for now I’m just checking in to say hi.

Currently I’m enjoying the sun, buying books and eating.  I also can’t stay awake any later than 20.00 which is odd.  Back to Kathmandu tomorrow and then home on the 31st.  However, I leave for New Zealand to start my “New Life” two days after that so I’m not going to have much free time.