About 20 mins into the mammoth 27 hour plane journey to get me here I heard the immortal and feared words come over the tannoy:

“If there’s a medical doctor on board please would they make themselves known to the cabin staff…”

Great.  It didn’t catch me entirely unaware though as the woman with the problem was sitting 2 seats in front of me and I’d been eavesdropping.  That explains why I alerted them to my presence so fast.  She had a problem getting a blood sugar monitor to work and wanted some advice on insulin dosing for her partner.  I could do that.

Then strangely the connection from Aukland to Christchurch turned round as we were taxiing to head back to the terminal as a passenger was unwell and needed to get off.  Didn’t ask for a doctor that time though.

Aside from all that the flight was tolerable (Air New Zealand are pretty good all told, plus the nice lady at check in didn’t charge me for the huge excess I had on my weight allowance) and I managed to stay awake for the rest of the day after arrival.  Currently my body is telling me it’s confused and wants to know what time it is and whether I should be tired or not.

On first glance, Christchurch reminds me of small town America, which is no bad thing.  Supermarkets are different and buying unknown food will take a while to get used to.  But since yesterday we have acquired a sofa, kitchen table and chairs, brand new bed and a dvd played.  Just need a bookcase and a few kitchen things now.

Tomorrow I’m meeting the NZ medical council representative to go over my paperwork.  Then I’m off to set up a bank account, get a new driving licence and sort out a new phone.  This will involve me having to figure out how the buses work – I don’t do buses.  Plus until I start work later this month and get some money K is paying for everything.  Ha ha.  I’m now her house husband apparently.

And for those of you slow on the uptake – I’ve moved to New Zealand.

P.s. Well done America.  Good voting choice.