Sleeping heavily once asleep and that seems to be my manifestation of jetlag.  We went climbing today at one of the local indoor walls and despite not going for almost a year things went pretty well.  The routes are fun and the mock rock is pretty good to climb on.  Lots of natural features to work your way up (K is so much better at that than I am – I just never manage to trust my body to keep me up against gravity).  Now my arms hurt.

Then we had food at Denny’s.  Yep, they have Denny’s here too.  Managed to avoid it in all the time I’ve spent in the states; ate there within 5 days of living in NZ.

remember remember

And in a music related note: the amazingly good Remember Remember album has been released digitally (the ‘real’ version isn’t released until the 17th).  I checked with some of the local music shops here and no one has heard of them so there was no chance of picking up the cd so I relented and bought the digital version.  I would completely recommend it and you can find links to buy it here.  The Rock Action website itself has more information and direct sales.  Samples from childhood toys, looped instruments, catchy, organic and incredibly fun.  Go buy it.