February 2009

So last week (including my 28th birthday) was spent on nights.  They were fairly quiet, interesting and there was a nice team on so it wasn’t too bad and K took me out to a ‘breakfast restuarant’ for a birthday breakfast.  She got me tickets to see Nine Inch Nails up in Auckland next week which is awesome.  I love me some mainstream Industrial noise I do.

Feeling like I’ve dropped off the face of the planet recently so have spent a bit of time making up for it by contacting friends and the like.  I still have a few to get to but I’m trying.  We’re just about to head out for dvds and dinner with friends so had to curtail it (and instead blog…).

Listening to old Underworld at the moment which is bringing back many memories (points for claiming the song the above is from) and as I mentioned to Kristin the other day I’ve been on a big Led Zep bender recently.  A group I’ve only got into recently which is a shame as I’d have loved them years ago.

A few things that have been keeping me happy recently:

Astronomy Picture of the Day: the pictures from this are just stunning and leave me staring at my computer for long periods wishing space travel really existed.  Sign up to their feed.

Fox Fur, Unicorn, Christmas Tree

Wondermark: the comic that just keeps giving.  More hit than miss and invariably entertaining.  Plus he’s created some lovely collections available through Dark Horse Comics.

Anyway.  Enough for now.


Well, I’ve already lost the whole of January 2009 since I last blogged.  Life itself is busy and fun and interesting – I just haven’t had much inclination to blog about it.  Shame really considering I moved half way round the world and was supposed to keep in touch with people.  Bad Andy.

In the last month we went away to Lake tekapo with friends, went tramping, waded in the dark though a river in a cave system, listened to Fat Freddies Drop (just enough to ensure I really don’t like them), saw lots of entertaining street theatre in the Buskers festival, got sunburnt multiple times, bought new walking boots, got drunk, had BBQs in the sun, went swimming in freezing glacial lakes and then immersed myself in hot springs, got my hair cut, got some sleep, got annoyed Blur have reformed just after I left the country ensuring I can’t see them on their come back gig (I did think very hard about flying back for it), spent New Year in an underground Korean Kareyokee joint to 3 in the morning (apparently I can sing Placebo songs really well) and today got a year older.

I will try to blog more and a whole heap of photos are almost ready for viewing.  Out.