April 2009

This morning on the ward round we were hurrying around the hospital and as we came up out of a stairwell I reached out quickly to grab the door before it swung back and hit us.  Unfortunately one of the consultant surgeons strode through in the other direction at that precise time and I punched / bitch slapped him pretty hard across the face.


Trying to apologise, he ran up the stairs looking shocked while I tried to get out my words.  At which point my consultant fell about laughing.  And didn’t stop for the next 5 mins.

It’s a good job I don’t want to be a surgeon!


I am still alive.  Back on nights over the long Easter weekend.  Destined to work every Bank Holiday in NZ ever.  I really mean to blog more.  I really do.  I also mean to cut down the time I spend online which is the prevailing force at the moment.

Let’s see, what have I been up to since I last wrote something down:

  • saw NIN in Auckland – different set from recent tours but energetic and great setlist.
  • saw Kings of Leon -they  just don’t do anything for me
  • missed Dan Deacon which really pissed me off
  • got soaked on Franz Joseph glacier
  • gently spun in a circle hanging from a log 25 ft up being watched by about 40 people while ice climbing and then dropped my axes
  • climbed back up and got them
  • went to Hokitika Wild Foods Fest
  • spent more time in Greymouth than was really necessary
  • made a hand forged knife and had fun axe throwing in Barrytown spending a brilliant day listening to Stephen’s terrible jokes
  • drove a lot surrounded by stunning scenery
  • sea kayaking in Abel Tasman
  • going in the sea and not getting eaten by sharks
  • managed to get K to walk somewhere
  • got pleasantly pissed wine tasting in Marlborough and spent a lot of money
  • decided I liked Nelson
  • caught, killed and ate salmon
  • dressed up in old clothes with shotguns in Shantytown
  • watched a bunch of movies and bought (yep – bought) a lot of music (see above pages)
  • went to the Food Exhibition and ate lots of free stuff
  • felt bad about not keeping in touch with friends and family enough
  • got snowed on walking in Arthur’s Pass and buggered my knee after slipping over
  • shaved off my beard for the first time in 4 years and promptly grew it back
  • found out that K still fancies me even without a beard (though prefers me with one)
  • made soup!

And lots of other things as well.

Photos for all these things can be found here.

I’ll see about updating more regularly.  I should really go to bed now though as it’s almost mid-day.