I am still alive.  Back on nights over the long Easter weekend.  Destined to work every Bank Holiday in NZ ever.  I really mean to blog more.  I really do.  I also mean to cut down the time I spend online which is the prevailing force at the moment.

Let’s see, what have I been up to since I last wrote something down:

  • saw NIN in Auckland – different set from recent tours but energetic and great setlist.
  • saw Kings of Leon -they  just don’t do anything for me
  • missed Dan Deacon which really pissed me off
  • got soaked on Franz Joseph glacier
  • gently spun in a circle hanging from a log 25 ft up being watched by about 40 people while ice climbing and then dropped my axes
  • climbed back up and got them
  • went to Hokitika Wild Foods Fest
  • spent more time in Greymouth than was really necessary
  • made a hand forged knife and had fun axe throwing in Barrytown spending a brilliant day listening to Stephen’s terrible jokes
  • drove a lot surrounded by stunning scenery
  • sea kayaking in Abel Tasman
  • going in the sea and not getting eaten by sharks
  • managed to get K to walk somewhere
  • got pleasantly pissed wine tasting in Marlborough and spent a lot of money
  • decided I liked Nelson
  • caught, killed and ate salmon
  • dressed up in old clothes with shotguns in Shantytown
  • watched a bunch of movies and bought (yep – bought) a lot of music (see above pages)
  • went to the Food Exhibition and ate lots of free stuff
  • felt bad about not keeping in touch with friends and family enough
  • got snowed on walking in Arthur’s Pass and buggered my knee after slipping over
  • shaved off my beard for the first time in 4 years and promptly grew it back
  • found out that K still fancies me even without a beard (though prefers me with one)
  • made soup!

And lots of other things as well.

Photos for all these things can be found here.

I’ll see about updating more regularly.  I should really go to bed now though as it’s almost mid-day.