I turned 30 two weeks ago. I finished a week of nights that morning (the 5th year running I’ve been on nights on my birthday), went for breakfast and slept most of the day. In the evening we went to a comedy club (part of the Busker’s festival) and some friends from down here came along. It was bittersweet. I’m not sure how I feel about it all.

At the moment I’m delaying going to bed and have just made scones. I’ve been baking a lot. Mostly though I’ve just been tired. I’ve been on call twice this week, I’m working the weekend, then next Thursday then start nights again Friday. We’re covering an absent doc but it’s still a relentless roster.

In an attempt to even out the karma I sent someone I don’t really know a gift (with a certain amount of creative googling/internet stalking to dig out what I’m hoping is the correct address). They sound low and I felt like giving. It’s for my benefit just as much.

I might come back here more.