Ha, an unexpected and increadibly pleasant weekend.  A worry about where to park my car and whether I should go home to avoid the temptation to buy stuff turned into randomly bumping into new friends on the sunny streets of Brighton and being invited along to a 24hr suburban festival in someone’s garden (a house party with more effort).  Not a difficult decision to make.

So, lots of random friendly people, a hand built stage, a variety of outdoor entertainments of the music/band/acoustic/electronic sort (even an attempt at some stand-up), a show-stopping 3 year old who clearly outshone anyone else there with her stage presence, and a fuck load of alcohol.  Bakingly hot sun, interesting people and an amusing 24hrs.  Also randomly met a guy there who knows my friend Sasha from Malta (I realised he was Maltese, asked him if he knew her and further confirmed that everyone in Malta knows everyone else!).  Even stranger, he knows one of my friends.  Small, small world.

Spent the night sleeping on a sofa in the garden and exceedingly pleasant it was.  So, a lot of alcohol, not much sleep yet surprisingly perky.  We came back a few hours ago, ate Sunday lunch and then parted ways.  I’ve thankfully found free wireless at a local pub so am completely abusing that and drinking yet more coffee.

Pretty damn happy right now despite the massive money worries currently interfering with my sleep.  I’ve now been given on-calls as one of the SHOs can’t do hers so I know have a considerable (and necessary) pay hike for the next 4 months.  After that it will all be ok again (no life due to hours = amply money for bills and food).  So much has gone on but I haven’t the time right now.  New job and new place are making a good new life.

Sporadic internet access is making things a little tough but I’m working on it.  If I do blog, I’ll be uploading batches at the same time.  Catch you later.