This morning on the ward round we were hurrying around the hospital and as we came up out of a stairwell I reached out quickly to grab the door before it swung back and hit us.  Unfortunately one of the consultant surgeons strode through in the other direction at that precise time and I punched / bitch slapped him pretty hard across the face.


Trying to apologise, he ran up the stairs looking shocked while I tried to get out my words.  At which point my consultant fell about laughing.  And didn’t stop for the next 5 mins.

It’s a good job I don’t want to be a surgeon!


I am indeed still alive.  Just been having fun.

Our trip around parts of the South Island a few weeks back was wonderful.  The scenery and landscape was great.  Photos are being sorted out as we speak and I will post them up here soon.

Started work last Monday and so far things are going well.  I’m on one of the respiratory teams and my consultant is about the nicest man you could ever meet.  It’s very quiet though which is a bit annoying.  Right now I’ve got 2 patients and nothing to do for most of the day, and that’s after being on call all of last week.  Acting as a house officer again is a bit weird too as I want to get a bit more involved.  However, with so few patients it’s not really possible.  I’m hoping things will improve on that front – I want to get stuck in and learn something.

I’ve been on call twice and those have been for the most part really quiet too – I cover respiratory, cardiology and renal.  And it’s quiet!  I’ve not known it like that before.  Well, I start nights this Friday so we shall see how that goes.

Good things include days which finish at 4, free meals every day, nice people, fast and efficient service and a nice walk home through the park in the sun.


This weekend just past we went to the Coca Cola Christmas in the Park concert which was extremely cheesy but turned out to be quite good fun.  Picnic in the park, scorching sun, drinking wine, listening to Pop Idol wannabes singing christmas carols.  Plus we watched Santa arrive on his flying canoe.  It’s true.  See:

Funny night and they had a decent firework display to finish off the night.  The first photo takes you to the whole album.

Sunday I went to the beach with K and the girls while they all had a surfing lesson.  I stayed on the sand (it’s becoming increasingly common that I’m having to explain to people just why I don’t like being in the sea).  Weather wasn’t too nice though.

And tonight we went to see Ghost Town which I wasn’t fussed about seeing (just going as we were out for dinner and the girls wanted to see something).  However, it was really good; funny, Ricky Gervais is entertaining and easily carries the movie and for a RomCom (which it kind of is) it’s not too cliched.  Worth checking out while waiting for the release of the Spirit.

Anyway.  Later.

Nights are strange.  I’m on night 3 of 7 at the moment and I don’t seem to be able to sync in as well as I usually do.  Woke up about 16.25 this afternoon which is the second day in a row.  Makes me wonder if there’s an alarm going off that I’m not aware of. 

A few years back, living in London I had a period where I kept waking up at 3.30 in the morning for no apparent reason.  All I knew was that I would groggily come round into consciousness and find myself awake.  After about 2 weeks of interrupted sleep I mentioned it to my flatmate who provided the answer.  She was diabetic and tended to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, usually some time after 3am.  The toilet was right next to my bedroom and when you turned the light on it started the fan.  The fan was loud but only stayed on for about 4 minutes after the light was turned off, so every night when she turned it on, the fan would start and it would wake me up.  In the time it took me to come round to consciousness the fan would turn off so I was never aware of it.  She started using the upstairs bathroom after and I slept better.

Similar to the way sounds in the morning merge into my vivid pre-waking dreams.  I love that time of the morning.  Like your surroundings are trying their hardest to wake you, countered by your mind trying its hardest to keep you under.

As a house officer in Redhill last year I loved nights.  That massively long and empty corridor to patrol, en route to the inevitable pointless calls and drug charts to re-write.  Then saving a few wards to last, knowing the nurses were nice and would provide you with a cup of coffee, some biscuits and conversation, staving off the return to A&E to clerk a few new arrivals.

I don’t use the ‘q’ word but a lot of the time on this job it is ‘calm and civilised’ which is fine as you can do other things.  I know most of the others sleep but I’ve never been able to do that.  If you sleep at night then you don’t feel tired during the day and don’t sleep meaning by the time the next night comes round you’re exhausted.  If that night then turns out to be busy you feel like shit.

After these nights my job here is done.  I get a week of post and that takes me to the end of the rotation.  Then I have 3 months off interspersed with a variety of other pursuits.  I cannot wait.

20 past 1 in the morning.  Psychiatric hospitals can be quite creepy at this time of night.  My second of three nights currently. 

Last night was ridiculously quiet but tonight’s already been a lot busier.  It’s still strange compared to medical nights though.  I mean, medical you’re up and working pretty much all night.  Here, I could have gone to bed at 10.30 last night and slept through (as it was I went to bed at 2 after arsing around and reading for a while).  But then you don’t know whether to sleep much in the day as you’ve just had an entire nights sleep.  Thing is if you stay up all day and then have a really rough night you could be awake for over 24hrs which is never going to be conductive to work or ability to funtion.  So, I went to bed last night and during the day.  And now I have a headache as my body has no fucking idea what’s going on!

While I’m thinking of it: movie update of recent weeks:


I actually really liked 1408.  I’m a big Stephen King fan as most people know (and am actually reading The Tommyknockers at the moment) and enjoy his short stories almost more than the novels so was rather glad this got made.  It’s a good adaptation and John Cusack did an amazing job.  An imaginative and creepy presentation of an old, potentially cliched story.

Knocked Up

Really did very little for me after expecting so much.  There are some really funny moments but about half way through the humour seems to disappear and it just gets really unpleasant.  I don’t mean in a gratuitous sense, more watching people trying to deal with difficult situations badly and everyone being so negative and aggresive to everyone else just got really depressing.  I’m still holding out for Superbad though.

Shoot 'em up










Shoot ’em up is the most ridiculously entertaining thing I’ve seen since Transformers and before then…well, who knows?  It’s amazingly fun, completely stupid and absolutely worth watching.  Paul Giamatti and Clive Owne are so much fun.  Watch it.

I’m pretty sure I actually had something to say rather than just talking about movies but I’m tired and have a headache so may leave it at that.

As of today I’m ‘taking back control’.  Yes I am.  This is going to be a good week and I’m having much fun already.  I’m taking it back people!

Now I just need to do a few things:

  1. find a computer on which I can watch the new Iron Man trailer
  2. find someone to buy me the 160Gb iPod (please, please, please)
  3. find a huge bag of money in low denomnation, non-serial bundles
  4. learn all of medicine
  5. make dinner

Tomorrow I’ve got a whole day of breakaway training (only a month into the job after half of my on-calls are done, so timely).  Should be amusing.  One of the health and safety criteria to attend is ‘the ability to stand up from bended knee’.  So, if your knees are fucked they just expect that if you get attacked you’re probably not going to make it anyway.  Genius.


Ooo.  Life is getting exciting.  Simultaneously I’m working for the next 3 weeks straight.  Typical.  Still, won’t be long after that till I’m off on holiday for The Wedding.  Going to be awesome.

On inspection of the email/internet usage policy I am allowed to use the internet for personal use on ‘designated break times’ so that’s better.  There is also a clause about not commenting on the Trust, work or your collegues on ‘blogs or podcasts’.  Hmmm.  Trust and collegues fair enough but work?  I think it’s ok to talk about work in a vague way as your thoughts realting to the general aspects of your work and how you feel about it are your own to share.  As long as you respect and in no way break patient confidentiality (and lets face it – if you do then you should be disciplined and labelled as a complete idiot) then I can’t see why it should be a problem.  However, as someone who’s had a mishap with blog related mistakes (somewhat of an understatement though with hindsight, accurate) I’m going to be careful.  I don’t want to get struck off!

To be fair, I don’t really talk about work much anyway.


So despite exhaustion bordering on coma I went out with my flatmates last night and we drove into the country to a place where you could not only see the dark night sky but also stars.  And more stars than I’ve seen for a while. It was beautiful. Made even more so by the annual Perseid meteor shower. Yep – lots of shooting stars.

The hill on Ditchling Beacon was wonderful (I’m going to have to go there in the daylight) and it found the 4 of us lying on the bonnet of the car looking up into a deep blackness with a sorounding rim of clouds.  It truly was stunning – the Milky Way was really visible and we made out quite a few satellites whizzing around (something I don’t often notice).  Just lying there watching the night sky was remarkably peaceful though when we stood up from the car after lying bent backwards for half an hour my back was in agony. 

I think I’ve found the place to go when I want to escape for a while. I’m just hopping it’s not a dogging site!

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