Well, I’ve already lost the whole of January 2009 since I last blogged.  Life itself is busy and fun and interesting – I just haven’t had much inclination to blog about it.  Shame really considering I moved half way round the world and was supposed to keep in touch with people.  Bad Andy.

In the last month we went away to Lake tekapo with friends, went tramping, waded in the dark though a river in a cave system, listened to Fat Freddies Drop (just enough to ensure I really don’t like them), saw lots of entertaining street theatre in the Buskers festival, got sunburnt multiple times, bought new walking boots, got drunk, had BBQs in the sun, went swimming in freezing glacial lakes and then immersed myself in hot springs, got my hair cut, got some sleep, got annoyed Blur have reformed just after I left the country ensuring I can’t see them on their come back gig (I did think very hard about flying back for it), spent New Year in an underground Korean Kareyokee joint to 3 in the morning (apparently I can sing Placebo songs really well) and today got a year older.

I will try to blog more and a whole heap of photos are almost ready for viewing.  Out.