So our christmas day was very nice.  Lazy, well fed, relaxed.  We spent the day sleeping in and then delayed just long enough before making a grab for the presents.  K  liked the surfboard I got her, I got a lot of books and dvds I wanted along with a few other things and we both got lots of chocolate!  We even managed to sort out a combined vegie and carnivore christmas dinner.  Saying that we still haven’t found room for the christmas pudding yet.

Plus having 3 days off has been nice and knowing we’ve only got 3 more until another long weekend (even if I’m working the actual weekend).  We almost have plans for new years and I’m being remarkably social these days.  A change of scene does me good.


I saw a car crash yesterday on my way home from work.  It happened 20ft behind me.  Just crossed a road 2 blocks from our flat, heard a screech, turned and saw one car which had run the lights plow into another just crossing.  The first car then aimed straight at me and a woman who was about to cross.  When the woman (who was closer) realised it was heading straight for us she turned and ran in my direction as the car smashed into the yellow traffic light pole.  Which stopped it.  Which was good as that could have been nice.  Sighs of relief all round.

No-one got hurt but the cars both got trashed.  Exciting!

And tomorrow is Christmas, even though it doesn’t feel like it at all.  Actually the only thing that made it seem christmasy was when I put on my christmas music.  After about 30 mins I got over the cheese and actually felt festive.  Out tree (artificial) has been up a week and has an impressive number of presents under considering there’s only 2 of us.

Anyway, we’re both working tomorrow as it is (myself from 8am – 11pm) which is annoying.  Our christmas is delayed until boxing day.  Shall update more then probably.

Merry christmas to everyone.

As described:

How traditional!  Just like I remember as a kid.

I am indeed still alive.  Just been having fun.

Our trip around parts of the South Island a few weeks back was wonderful.  The scenery and landscape was great.  Photos are being sorted out as we speak and I will post them up here soon.

Started work last Monday and so far things are going well.  I’m on one of the respiratory teams and my consultant is about the nicest man you could ever meet.  It’s very quiet though which is a bit annoying.  Right now I’ve got 2 patients and nothing to do for most of the day, and that’s after being on call all of last week.  Acting as a house officer again is a bit weird too as I want to get a bit more involved.  However, with so few patients it’s not really possible.  I’m hoping things will improve on that front – I want to get stuck in and learn something.

I’ve been on call twice and those have been for the most part really quiet too – I cover respiratory, cardiology and renal.  And it’s quiet!  I’ve not known it like that before.  Well, I start nights this Friday so we shall see how that goes.

Good things include days which finish at 4, free meals every day, nice people, fast and efficient service and a nice walk home through the park in the sun.


This weekend just past we went to the Coca Cola Christmas in the Park concert which was extremely cheesy but turned out to be quite good fun.  Picnic in the park, scorching sun, drinking wine, listening to Pop Idol wannabes singing christmas carols.  Plus we watched Santa arrive on his flying canoe.  It’s true.  See:

Funny night and they had a decent firework display to finish off the night.  The first photo takes you to the whole album.

Sunday I went to the beach with K and the girls while they all had a surfing lesson.  I stayed on the sand (it’s becoming increasingly common that I’m having to explain to people just why I don’t like being in the sea).  Weather wasn’t too nice though.

And tonight we went to see Ghost Town which I wasn’t fussed about seeing (just going as we were out for dinner and the girls wanted to see something).  However, it was really good; funny, Ricky Gervais is entertaining and easily carries the movie and for a RomCom (which it kind of is) it’s not too cliched.  Worth checking out while waiting for the release of the Spirit.

Anyway.  Later.