Am indeed.

Supposed to be going back home today to start moving things back into storage (or my Mum’s house as it’s commonly known).

Last night I saw Wall-E which I’ve been looking forward to since seeing the teaser with Ratatouille and it was every bit as wonderful as I hoped it would be.  It has such heart and looks beautiful and makes me really happy that there are film companies out there that are trying their hardest to make small bundles of magic.  Pixar (aside from Cars which isn’t bad per se, I just have no connection with it) can do no wrong.

I was welling up though most of the movie and I’m not sure why.  The very first time I saw the teaser it made me teary eyed as he sat looking up at space and for some reason it still does.  It’s not sadness, it’s just somehow formed a connection in a way I don’t understand.  I like that.  It’s a powerful feeling.

Aside from that, the trailer for Watchmen leaves me cautiously excited that they may be doing this right.  I’m a fan of the comic (though not a rabid one – I just appreciate it) and think a film is a bad idea (and I really didn’t like 300 so Zack Synder has a lot to live up to), but it looks right, it feels right and it seems like they’re trying to treat it with respect.  If you haven’t read it then go get it.  Click the pic to watch the trailer.

There’s also very little time to watch the complete saga of Dr Horrible, so please do.  It’s worth it.