August 2008

K left the country yesterday for New Zealand (via LA) which is sad but exciting.  Sad as we don’t get to see each other for the next 3 months but exciting as it’s the start of a new life.  Exciting also because I got my job in Christchurch so now can buy my plane ticket.  Add to my ticket to Nepal I bought last week and life is very exciting.  Well, apart from today which is just ok.

Paid in a check, bought some books, then fought a massive desire to just read my book rather than do anything ‘constructive’.  Meh.  Plus the weather is switching from baking sun to pounding rain and back again at the touch of a random button.


An interesting video for the new Mogwai single Batcat has been released.  It’s an odd tune, very metal.  I need to hear this album as a whole as none of the recent tunes seem to fit together.  Watch it here.

We saw The Dark Knight again the other day at the IMAX – it really does look great on such a huge screen and is worth the journey.


I’ve trapped a nerve in my back and now every time I move I’m getting spasms of pain shooting around.  Considering I’m about to drive to Bangor in North Wales this could be uncomfortable to say the least.

Heading there for the second data collection weekend for the expedition.  Medex (the group I’m doing it with) have launched a blog to keep up to date with the goings on of the expedition and it’ll be updated in the field too so people can keep touch.


I may see if I can counter post those entries here when I’m away but not sure if that’s possible.

Need to go and organise.  Long drive.